September 20-23, 2018

Ladies Styling Intensive.  Click HERE for details and to register.

FREE West Coast Swing Beginner Lessons & Dance!

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Would you like to be a vendor at Meet Me?  Contact Sophy Kdep for details and to reserve your space.

Meet Our 2018 Staff

Angel Figueroa, Chief Judge and Instructor

Robert Cordoba, Instructor and Judge

Matt Auclair, Instructor

Jason & Annmarie Marker, Instructors

Gregory Scott and Lemery Rollins, Instructors

Jesse Dickson and Lannie Sullivan, Instructors

Colleen & Aruthur Uspensky, Instructors

Mike Carringer and Hannah Meyer, Instructors

Kris Swearingen and Toro Eaker, Instructors

​​Jeanne DeGeyter, Instructor

Rebecca Ludwick, Instructor

Jason Miklic, 1-2-3 Swing Instructor

Maria Blackwell, 1-2-3 Swing Instructor

Terry Corden, Tai Chi Instructor

Terry Roseborough, Judge

Carmen Passi, Judge

Sharole Lashe Negrete, Judge

Debbie Ramsey, Judge

Sheli Schroeder, Judge

Nelson Clarke, Judge

David Lamont Brown, Judge

Mike Konkel, Judge

Austin Scharnhorst, Judge

Kali Casas, Judge

Victor Loveira, Emcee

Douglas Rousar, Emcee

Tim Johnson, Head DJ

Ruth Gilbert, DJ

April Prince, DJ

Katie Fallon, DJ

Julie Hein, Contest Coordinator

Leah Noparstak, Contest Coordinator

Tobi Oberman, Volunteer Coordinator

John Bianchi, Scoring

Linda Guetterman, Registration Coordinator

Debbie Barrale, Accounting

Amber Klispie, on-call emergency first aid

Sophy Kdep, Event Director