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September 20-23, 2018


1. All competitors must hold a weekend ticket to the Meet Me in St. Louis Swing Dance Championships and pay all associated registration fees.

2. All competitors must check-in prior to competition and have the Bib Number assigned to them at the time of registration.

3. All competitors must sign a waiver and are responsible for reading these guidelines. They are also responsible for checking postings and attending meetings to ensure they are placed in the correct division.  Contestants under the age of 18 must have parent/guardian sign a waiver.

4. All contests must have a minimum of five (5) couples to be a valid contest.

5. Meet Me is open to persons of any gender dancing either lead or follow, as they prefer, and we encourage you to register in whichever role you would like to when dancing in any contest.

Competitor will be judge according to role rather than gender.  A Competitor may not dance in the same division twice, even with a different partner; exception would be a Pro-Am Division.


JACK & JILL DIVISIONS ($21 contest fee, Newcomer only $1)


1. Invitational: Event Director will personally invite competitors to dance in this division. Contest fee will be waived for this division.

2. Masters: (Open Level): Must be at least 50 years of age. You may also dance in one “level” J&J.

3. All-Star/Pro Level: Recognized as an All-Star dancer by the World Swing Dance Council Point Registry. 

4. Advanced: Recognized as an Advanced by the World Swing Dance Council Point Registry. 

5. Intermediate Level: Recognized as an Intermediate level dancer by the World Swing Dance Council Point Registry. 

6. Novice Level: Recognized as a Novice level dancer by the World Swing Dance Council Point Registry.

7. Newcomer Level: Beginner or new competitor; must never have placed in Novice. You can only dance in ONE Jack & Jill contest unless you are competing in Masters.

8. Pro-Am

COUPLES DIVISIONS ($40 contest fee: Open Routine, Rising Star Routine, Masters Routine, $20: Juniors Routine; $30: Pro-Am Spotlight, Strictly Swing; $25: Pro-Am Strictly)

Note: If one partner qualifies for a higher division, the couple must dance in the higher division.  Contestants my only dance once per division, however, contestants may dance in more than one division with a different partner.  Pros can dance with a maximum of 5 students in any one-dance level.

1. Strictly Swing All-Star/Champions: If either partner dances at an Invitational or Champions level, you must dance in this division.

One partner must be an All-Star.

2. Strictly Swing Advanced: For competitors lacking the points needed to dance in the All-Star level

3. Strictly Swing Intermediate: For competitors lacking the points needed to dance in the Advanced level.

4. Strictly Swing Masters (Open Level):  For competitors 50 years of age.  Open to all contestants and all levels of skill. 

5. Strictly Swing Newcomer/Novice: For competitors lacking the points needed to dance in the Intermediate level.

6. Strictly Swing Pro-Am: For Novice or Intermediate/Advance levels by the World Swing Dance Council Point Registry.

7. Open Routine: Open to all contestants and all levels of skill.

8. Rising Star Routine: Open to all contestants and all levels of skill.

9. Masters Routine: Must be at least 50 years of age. Open to all contestants and all levels of skill.

10. Juniors Routine (YASDA): Open to all contestants up to age 18 (can be up to 20 years of age if with established partner).


Competition registration closes one hour before the first competition of the day.  Click HERE for Schedule.


Jack & Jill Division, Strictly Swing and Pro-Am Division: There will be NO contestants’ meetings, however you must check-in with your Bib number at the scheduled times and location.

Couples Division: There will be NO contestants' meeting, however couples must send one representative to draw for dance order and turn in music at scheduled time. Be sure to read the competition guidelines.

If you have any questions regarding the competition, you may ask the Chief Judge/Contestants’ Representative. You may also petition for change of dance level. The purpose of check-in is to ensure you are in the correct division, confirm names/spelling, and draw for dance order for Couples.


There will be a minimum of five Judges for all competitions. In addition, Meet Me will have a Contestants' Representative/Chief Judge and Alternate Judges available.


Contests are scored by computer and relative placements. Contestants will be judged in the preliminaries and/or semi-finals as an individual and as a couple in any finals. World Dance Registry will provide scoring.


Music for the Strictly Swing, Pro-Am Strictly and Jack & Jill competitions will be the responsibility of Meet Me and DJs. Exclusive video rights to Meet Me and St. Louis Rebels Swing Dance Club.  Video tapping is allowed for all competitions and workshops.  

Open, Rising Star, Maters, Pro-Am Spotlight and Juniors Routine:

1. Couples are responsible for their own music selection.

2. Music must be turned in prior to floor trials the day of your competition.  Please email in digital format to with subject line Meet Me Routine Music/Division/Name.  CD format is NOT ACCEPTABLE.


Click HERE for Schedule.  Meet Me will provide a DJ during all floor tryout times 


The results of all the competitions will be posted Sunday following Awards. The location for the posting will be announced.




Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Masters, Advanced, All Star:

There will be Preliminaries, Semi-finals and Finals as needed depending on the number of dance entries. Contests are judged by relative placement. For Preliminaries and Semi-finals, contestants will be judged individually; in the Finals you will be judged as a couple. You will be dancing for a period of 1½ -2 minutes. The number of contestants brought back for the finals will be determined in advance or where a natural break occurs when possible.


Event Director will personally invite contestants to dance in this division.


Timing: Timing points are determined by the ability of the dancer to dance on the down beat of the music and to include syncopations that are also on the beats of the music.

Technique: "How Well You Do What You Do": We are looking for good footwork, balance, control, frame and line and how well turns & spins are executed. Well controlled arms and hands. Teamwork: The ability of the partners to work together as a team. One person should not be obviously "out dancing" the other.

Teamwork: The ability of the partners to work together as a team. One person should not be obviously "out dancing" the other. TEAMWORK with action-reaction is essential in good dancing.

Content: "What You Do": the content is the CHOREOGRAPHY, planned or spontaneous, and musical interpretation through physical movement. Showing variety and contrast will enhance your dance performance.

Showmanship: "How Well You Sell What You Do": showmanship/presentation is the ability of the dancers to keep the audience’s attention for the entire length of the performance.


(start times are flexible - always SUBJECT TO CHANGE based on number of contestants, etc)

Click HERE for Schedule.


Meet Me Statement of Swing: “Swing is an American Rhythm Dance that is identified primarily by 6-beat and 8-beat patterns that incorporate a wide variety of rhythms. 6-beat patterns include, but are not limited to, passes, underarm turns, push-breaks, and open-to-closed/closed-to-open position patterns. 8-beat patterns include, but are not limited to, whips, swing-outs, Lindy circles, and Shag pivots. Although they are not part of the foundation of the dance as stated above, 2-beat and 4-beat rhythm breaks may be incorporated to phrase the music, to extend a pattern, and/or to accent breaks." This statement will be used only to identify the presence of Swing content in a performance. It is not intended to be a full definition of Swing, or to be used to evaluate the quality of the performance. Each Judge will evaluate the presence of Swing content, which will be one of the criteria that determines a final score.

Meet Me Sportsmanship Expectations: Sportsmanship is a fundamental aspect of our competition. Competing at Meet Me is a privilege, not a right. The event director may flag a competitor’s behavior as un-sportsman like. Said behavior will be reviewed by the Chief Judge or the Contestants’ Representative. Redress for violations can include but are not limited to dropping in placement, or removal from competition.

Open, Rising Star, Juniors, Master’s Division:

1. Recognizable Swing content, as described in the “Statement of Swing” under Competition Rules, must be present in at least 60% of the performance.

2. "In the air" moves (partner weight supported), such as lifts, aerials, and acrobatic moves, are allowed, but not required.

3. "On the ground" supported moves, such as drops, slides, and spreads, are allowed but not required.

4. Routines must be a minimum of 2 minutes but no more than 3 minutes in length.

5. Competitors select their own music.

6. Costumes are required.

7. Minimum number of entries is 5 couples.

Pro-Am Spotlight Division:

This division is offered for all styles of Swing: West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Hustle, Shag and Hand Dance or any other style of popular swing dance. Students enter with their teacher and perform a choreographed routine to music they choose. Couples dance in a solo format. Both the teacher and amateur's performance is considered by the judges. Dance order will be chosen at random and posted prior to the division start time. Music provided by the competitors must be at least 2 minutes long and no longer than 3½ minutes. Limited to the first 20 entries received.

1. Costumes are encouraged, but not required

2. Lifts, drops, tricks and stunts are allowed but not required.

3. Choreographed entrances will count towards time limits.

4. No props are allowed.

5. Routines must include at least 75% recognizable of style of the performance.

Strictly Swing Division:

This division consists of swing dancing that encourages lead and follow partner dancing at its best. Although swing includes amalgamations and patterns that are familiar to many dancers, the essence of lead and follow must be maintained in and out of these patterns. Strictly Swing division is not meant for long and extended pre-choreographed phrases. Choreography "on the fly" is the objective.

1. Drops, leans and other partner weight support moves are allowed as long as both partners keep at least one foot on the floor.

2. Length of performance is at the promoter’s discretion.

3. Costumes are not allowed. However, matching or complementary outfits suitable for social dancing are acceptable.

4. This division will be danced in heats and/or spotlight at the promoter’s discretion.

5. Couples must maintain physical contact except for spins, turns, short break-a-ways, and recoveries.

6. Pre-choreographed routines are not allowed.

Pro-Am Strictly Swing Division:

Students enter with their teacher. This division is designed to highlight social Swing dancing skills at a performance level with an emphasis on lead/follow technique. Recognizable Swing content, as described in the “Statement of Swing” under Meet Me Competition Rules, must be present in at least 90% of the performance. All divisions must consist of one professional dancing with one amateur. Professional is defined as a dancer that makes a sizable portion of their income from performing or teaching dance. Sizable is a relative term; over a percentage of 50% is suggested to be a professional status. Amateurs are defined as someone who does not teach dancing on a regular, ongoing basis or make a significant amount of income from teaching. This division will be danced in a “strictly" format; heats will have multiple couples on the floor.

1. Couples must remain in contact unless executing a spin.

2. No acrobatic moves, or lifts - but drops, slides, leverages are okay.

3. No choreographed entrances or exits.

4. Couples dance to about 1½ minutes of a song appropriate for their division, DJ picks the music.

5. Costumes and props are not allowed although coordinating attire is acceptable.

6. Only the Amateur is judged in his/her respective lead/follow category.

7. Pros can dance with a maximum of 5 students in any one-dance level.

Junior Swing Division:

The Young Adult Swing Dance Association (YASDA ) encourages events to embrace the following rules and guidelines:

1. All competitors must be under the age of 18

2. Should a partner in an established partnership turn 18, the partnership may petition the event to continue to dance in the Young Adult Division until such time as the youngest turns 18 or the eldest turns 20. At such time they would no longer be eligible to dance in the Young Adult Division.

3. An individual aged 18 or older, while eligible to dance (see rule 2) is ineligible to receive points towards the year end YASDA prize.

4. All other rules are at the discretion of the particular event and may be found on their websites.

Rising Star Division: 

1. At the discretion of the event director(s), contestants may be as young as fifteen (15) years by the end of the event to participate. If a YASDA or Juniors division is offered during the event weekend, the minor may not compete in both contests with the same partner.
2. A couple may consist of opposite- or same-sex dance partners. This is up to each event's discretion.
3. The maximum number of entries in each division is at the Event’s discretion. Minimum number of entries = three (3). If there are less than three (3) couples, the event shall offer the competitors the opportunity to perform an exhibition, with judges' feedback.
4. Expected swing content of any style is 70%. It is at the judges’ discretion to determine that the swing content has been met.
5. An individual is not permitted to dance twice within the same division or in Classic/Showcase.
1. Performance time is a minimum of 2 minutes and maximum of 3 minutes.
2. Competitors select their own music.
3. Costumes are required.
4. Time and judging starts at first movement of performance with or without music.
5. Separate entrances are permitted, but must come together within thirty-two (32) beats of the music intro.
6. Break-a-ways and side-by-side patterns are permitted, no longer than 8 beats.
7. Lifts are optional but not required.
8. Maximum five (5) partner weight support moves with at least one foot on the ground.